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Skin Loving Serum Cocktails

Skincare serums are concentrated formulas that target specific skin concerns and offer serious results. And while they do a lot on their own, combining serums into a cocktail can take your skincare to a whole new level. Elevate your routine with our expertly curated serum pairings that bring out the best in each other and reveal your most radiant skin yet!


Visible Lift and Glow

For a plump, lifted look and a glow skin can't get enough of, pair our PeptiDerm Firming Serum with our Vita C Serum. Our targeted PeptiDerm Firming Serum boasts high peptides (a 40% blend to be exact) and works to lessen the look of fine lines and wrinkles and visibly firm the appearance of sagging skin. When mixed with our vitamin C complex that targets visible signs of aging, hydrates and brightens, this pair leaves skin instantly radiant.



Smooth, Hydrated Skin

For moisturized, smooth looking skin with visibly improved elasticity, pair our Collagen + Elastin Recovery Serum with our Natural Moisture Factor. Our advanced collagen serum volumizes the look of skin and visibly softens lines and wrinkles. And Natural Moisture Factor delivers mega hydration and helps improve the appearance of rough and uneven texture. Together, they leave skin looking calm and dewy with restored bounce.



Healthy, Even Looking Skin

For calm, even looking skin with healthy hydration, pair our Hyaluronic Concentrate with our Skin Soothing Concentrate. The hyaluronic acid serum boosts moisturization and visibly plumps skin. And it pairs perfectly with our skin soothing serum (one of our top uneven skin tone products) that helps reduce the look of redness and supports the skin barrier with hydration.




Pairing skincare serums together can help take your results to the next level. After cleansing and before moisturizing, mix a drop or two together and apply in one easy step, or layer your serums on top of each other. For a smoother, more even complexion, a firmer and plumper look or the radiance and glow skin wants, try out serum cocktailing for yourself!


Vita C Serum
Vita C Serum

Vita C Serum


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Reviewed by Alexis Mayne

Love what’s in our bottles? Alexis is a big part of the team that makes it happen. For more than 10 years, she’s been instrumental in formulating and producing the Sanitas Skincare you love. Her areas of expertise include the science of skin, finding active ingredients that get results and connecting with the purest and most responsible ingredient suppliers. She also works closely with our Boulder-based manufacturing team to make sure our products are effective, safe and consistent each and every time.