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This month we tapped wellness guru, Amanda Myers, to weigh in on some travel tips for staying healthy during spring break!

It’s April and that means spring vacation and, fingers crossed, warmer weather! Are you ready for some time off but not willing to give up your health and fitness? You’ve worked hard to meet your own personal wellness goals and even though you’re ready for a break, probably do not want to lose all the ground you’ve gained. It’s been shown that fitness gains are not lost before two+ weeks of not working out, (endurance performance goes down by about 4% to 25% after three to four weeks in trained athletes Bosquet and Mujika, 2012).

So, how do you make your vacation as carefree as possible without sabotaging your healthy lifestyle? Planning and preparation!

Unless you have extended travel time ahead[i], maintaining fitness levels and a mindful eating style simply require a little forethought. By setting a goal to keep your vacation both fun and balanced, you’ll be able to enjoy your time away with very little impact on your overall well being.

Here are my tried and true ways to keep healthy while vacationing:

Fitness on the Road

There’s no need to give up working out when you’re on the road. Aim for thirty minutes of exercise a day to move your body and help keep you engaged in your workout routine. If your hotel has a gym — lucky you! But if your accommodations do not include a fitness center there are still ways to work up a sweat without missing a beat. Depending on your fitness preference, here are some ideas of packable things to bring along:

  • Bring two playlists, one for yoga and one for cardio/weight training – both come in handy for on the go workouts
  • Travel yoga mat – great for both yoga and stretching
    Jade Yoga Voyager Mat
  • iPad to stream yoga or fitness videos – YogaUOnline, Grokker for Yoga and Kettlebell workouts are fun and easy to follow
  • Rubber resistance band – for shoulder presses, bicep curls, rows and glutes
  • Jump rope – a full body circuit with jump rope intervals and jumping jacks makes for a well-rounded workout
  • Swim cap and goggles – if you are a swimmer
  • Sneakers – explore your surroundings and get your steps in!

Food and Meals

Of course, you should enjoy your vacation and let loose a little, but there’s no need to go completely off the rails. With new menu choices in front of you and meal times thrown off by flights and changing time zones, taking steps to keep your digestion healthy can go a long way towards having a better trip overall.

  • Keep a full water bottle on hand
  • Pack healthy snacks – (aim for less than 200 calories) to prevent eating the wrong things at the wrong times
  • Choose foods with lots of fiber like whole grains and veggies
  • Go for healthy fats to help give you energy and keep you feeling full
  • Easy travel snack ideas
  • Individual servings of nut butters to put on fresh fruits and veggies
    Artisana Organics Butters Squeeze
  • Ground flax and chia seeds to throw in oatmeal or smoothies
    Carrington Farms Gluten Organic Packaging
  • Dark chocolate (70% or higher pure cacao) as a healthy dessert alternative
  • Nutrient dense kale chips instead of potato or corn chips
  • Nuts, dried chickpeas and shredded coconut provide healthy fats and fiber and are great to add to salads or enjoy as stand-alone snacks
  • Chamomile or peppermint tea – a nice wind down at night and good for digestion
  • Hummus cups with celery or carrots for the plane or car

Skin and Bodycare

My travel skincare bag is often as bulky as what I pack to wear and since I always seem to have more time to enjoy a shower and get ready while on a vacation, I make the most of it by bringing along products that make me feel and look my best.

Essentials For Sun Protection
  • Sunscreen – look for a physical block and bring plenty of it
  • A wide-brimmed hat and a white long sleeve waterproof shirt to keep covered
Essentials For a Healthy Glow
  • Exfoliating and hydrating masks – if you are away for a week or more bring one of each
  • Skincare sample packets – save up during the year to use for vacations
  • A travel size skincare set – perfect for extended trips
  • Aloe vera – hydrates skin soothes skin, especially in cases of overexposure
  • Essential oils – lavender for sleep and burns; peppermint for GI upset or headaches; tea-tree for blemishes and rashes
  • A hair treatment or hair oil – great for fly-aways and dehydrated beach hair
  • Topical C – a super moisturizer that also helps speed recovery of scabs, scars and burns; soothes wind and sunburns
  • A beautiful smelling soap or shower gel and body lotion that is SLS and paraben free.


No one wants to get sick on vacation! Prepping for a trip on top of everything else going on in our lives can sometimes leave us run down right before departure. This can lead to a higher risk of getting sick once we start traveling. Bacteria and virus germs abound in airports and on airplanes, so it’s easy to fall prey to them in a depleted state.

To prevent getting sick before you even leave, be extra mindful of your home routine in the days leading up to departure. Eat well, rest and take your supplements.

Good Supplements for Both Pre-Trip and Travel
  • Probiotics – take a multi-strain, shelf-stable brand daily
    Bio Kult Advanced Probiotic Multi Strain Capsules
  • Activated charcoal – keep it on hand for GI upsets or food poisoning
  • Vitamin C – critical for immune support, take 1000mg of an ester’d C daily
  • Digestive enzymes – helpful for supporting the digestion of “vacation” foods
  • Magnesium – helps with sleep, digestion and muscle aches and pains (take it nightly with a cup of tea)
    Natural Vitality Stress Raspberry flavor
  • Multivitamins – help keep you on track with all of your micronutrient needs
  • Fiber – its hard to get the recommended fiber intake of 25 grams per day when traveling – fiber packets help boost your intakeYerba Prima Psyllium Husks 
  • Powdered greens alkalinize and detoxify the body – add to any beverage
  • Arnica – for bruising, swelling and inflammation
    Boiron Arnicare Tablets Homeopathic Remedy
  • Collagen peptides deliver extra amino acids and help keep hair, nails and skin glowing (add to a hot drink at night for better sleep and a happy tummy)
    Vital Proteins Grass Fed Collagen Peptide
  • Elderberry extract in lozenge form or tincture, helps boost immunity and prevent illness

With a little preparation and a few extra items in your suitcase, you can keep your entire family healthy and happy while enjoying some much-needed time off together. Enjoy, have fun and here’s to a great vacation!

Amanda Myers
Holistic Health Coach
LMT, RYT, Ayurvedic Practitioner

[i] It has been shown that fitness gains in trained athletes are not lost by a decrease in activity of less than 2 weeks, however endurance performance can drop by roughly 4% to 25% after 3 – 4 weeks of decreased training. (Bosquet and Mujika, 2012).

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