Normal Skin Kit

an essential antioxidant system for normal skin


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An introductory system that infuses normal skin with antioxidants to keep it balanced and hydrated. Used as directed, this collection will promote overall skin health while defending against free radical damage that can activate premature aging.

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size 6 piece set

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Normal Skin Kit

Kit contains:
Lemon Cream Cleanser .7 fl. oz. | 50 mL
Glycolic Citrus Cleanser 1.07 fl. oz. | 30 mL
Glycosolution 5% 1 fl. oz. | 30 mL
Moisture Mist 1 fl. oz. | 30 mL
VitaRich Serum .25 fl. oz. | 7 mL
Antioxidant Moisturizer .5 fl. oz. | 15 g

full Ingredients

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Day and Night

For complete instructions on how to use the Normal Skin Kit, please reference the Regimens for Results tab.

Skin Type

Normal Skin

step 1. Cleanser

Glycolic Citrus Cleansera progressive cleanser

Use up to 3 days per week.

step 2. Cleanser

Lemon Cream Cleansera daily cleanser

Alternate with Glycolic Citrus Cleanser. Lemon Cream Cleanser may also be used daily.

step 3. Solution GS5-100

GlycoSolution 5%an exfoliating treatment

Use up to 4 days per week. Use on the same days as Glycolic Citrus Cleanser.

step 4. Mist

Moisture Mista moisture infusing spray

Use day and night and as needed throughout the day.

step 5. Serum

VitaRich Seruma daily serum

Use day and night under moisturizer.

step 6. Moisturizer AM50

Antioxidant Moisturizera daily moisturizer

Use day and night over serum.

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