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    We Formulate
    our products

    Our very talented team of chemists and scientists formulates every single product in our own lab, and they’re completely committed to creating formulas that are not only clean and safe, but that also work as promised. Highly competitive, it really matters to our R+D team that every product that comes out of our lab is the best on the market.

    We Manufacture
    our products

    We don’t rely on a third party manufacturer to make our products. Instead, our on-site production team takes the utmost care and pride in creating and packaging every single item. Quality is the most important thing to them, and they truly want you to love your product.

    We Distribute
    our products

    We don’t utilize distribution companies to get our products to you. Our shipping team is 100% committed to making sure that your shipments arrive quickly, accurately and in good condition.

    our secret sauce?

    Every single skincare maker has access to pretty much the exact same raw materials, so why are Sanitas products different? The answer is our recipes.

    Put simply, skincare formulas are quite a lot like any other kind of recipe – like baking cookies, for example. It’s all based on chemistry and for the chemistry to work, you have to select the right ingredients, incorporate them in the right order and cook them at the right temperature, for the right amount of time.
    Just as everyone has access to the same ingredients that go into cookies, all skincare makers have access to pretty much the same raw materials. But similarly, as with baking cookies, if you don’t select the most effective, highest quality ingredients for each product’s intended purpose, incorporate them in the correct concentrations and layer them in the right order, your products aren’t going to work as well. It’s that simple.

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    cruelty free

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    gluten free

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    free of harsh

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    ethically sourced

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    sustainable packaging

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    small batch production

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    made in Boulder, CO

    We’re Held Accountable and We’re Up for the Challenge

    We were “clean” before “clean” was cool. We’re committed to clean but don’t believe in “clean washing”. Our commitment means never testing on animals and using only safe, ethically sourced ingredients.

    Our 360 Degree Approach to Sustainability

    Our in-house manufacturing means we’re in a unique position to keep our carbon footprint low. Our approach includes using clean energy, consciously sourced ingredients and low water manufacturing. Our packaging is 95% completely recyclable, and our goal is to be 100% by the end of 2026.



Open mindedness in all things

Bravery in making difficult choices

Integrity and being true to our word

Working hard but having fun

Diversity and inclusivity

Respect for each other and our planet

Transparency and authenticity in all we do