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  • Press your tool with the same force as you would when buttering bread

  • Always work from the center of the face outward

  • Keep your gua sha tool in the refrigerator for a cooling, soothing experience

  • Apply serum before starting to increase glide

Step 1: Neck – 3 times

Using the flat side of the tool, lightly glide the stone down the sides of the neck. Avoid directly gliding the tool over the front of the neck.

Step 2: Chin/Jawline – 5 times

Using the notch of the tool, start at the center of the chin and slowly glide towards the ear. Do one side at a time.

Step 3: Cheeks – 5 times

Using the flat side of the tool, begin at the bottom of the nose and slowly glide out towards the ear and hairline.

Step 4: Eyes – 3-5 times

For the lower eyes, use the rounded side of the tool and gently glide along the orbital bone out to the temple. For the upper eyes, start at the upper corner and follow the upper orbital bone to the temple

Step 5: Forehead – 3-5 times

Using the rounded side of the tool, start at the center of the forehead and move the tool straight up to the hairline. Repeat across the entire forehead.

We’re completely vertically integrated

From conception to production, we control every aspect of our products. Every single ingredient is hand selected by our in-house chemists and every product is manufactured by us to allow us ultimate quality control.

  • Value Icons - paraben-free | phthalate-free
    paraben-free | phthalate-free
  • Value Icons - Gluten Free
    gluten free
  • Value Icons - eco-friendly
  • Value Icons - free of harsh preservatives
    free of harsh preservatives
  • Value Icons - Sustainable Packaging
    sustainable packaging
  • Value Icons - cruelty-free
  • Value Icons - small batch production
    small batch production
  • Value Icons - made in Boulder, CO
    made in Boulder, CO
  • Value Icons - dye-free
  • Value Icons - ethically sourced ingredients
    ethically sourced ingredients