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Bridal Skincare – What’s your style?

Okay, you said yes, you’ve got the dress, now time to guarantee skin that will impress! Along with all the other details that go into planning your big day, making sure your skin is glowing as you walk down the aisle is probably one of your top three.

Odds are your bridal style falls into one of two camps – the uber planner with every detail nailed down to the minute or the laid-back optimist running on inspiration and synchronicity. No matter what your approach may be, we’ve got a strategy for you.

Let's do this thing

Are you twelve months out from the big day with nearly everything picked, planned and paired? You’re in a great place! With time on your side, you’ll be able to level up your daily routine with a regular program of actives, layer in professional skincare appointments and get specific results.

Start here:

We’re going to number this for you because we have a feeling you like a list with actionable items.


Schedule a facial every four weeks.

Yes, you can skip this step, but the results you get following the guidance of an esthetician with expertise and insight can make a huge difference in your wedding day glow.

The pros have tools and products available to them which get results you simply cannot recreate at home. Make the investment – it’s well worth it.


Add in actives​

Retinol is about to become your secret weapon. If you’re new to using this game changing ingredient, keep in mind your skin is going to need a little time to adjust. This beneficial active requires a transition period. Two or three times a week is good depending on your individual skin sensitivity. You may experience a little redness and flaking for the first few weeks but stick it out. Healthy, glowing skin lies just beyond this phase.

If you’re already a retinol user and want to ramp up your results, ascending formulas, like those in our Vitamin A Rejuvenate Collection, can enhance the ground you’ve already gained and help get your skin in the best shape of its life.

Vitamin C: Yes, we recommend this to everyone, but six months out you can really reap the benefits of regular use – decreased dark spots and increased glow are both direct by-products of a high percentage of lipophilic vitamin C, like Vita C Serum. We suggest using it every morning.

AHAs: Get on the alpha-hydroxy bandwagon and stay there. Make AHAs a habit and use them every other day. Aside from exfoliating the skin, AHAs deliver a multitude of additional benefits including increased skin hydration levels, smoother, firmer skin and less discoloration. Need more info? You can read more about AHAs here.

Yes, you can skip this step, but the results you get following the guidance of an esthetician with expertise and insight can make a huge difference in your wedding day glow.

The pros have tools and products available to them which get results you simply cannot recreate at home. Make the investment – it’s well worth it.


Protect your investment

Use full spectrum Solar Block every day without fail. Regular use of retinols and AHAs delivers huge benefits but absolutely requires the use of daily sun protection.

Are you a coming down to the wire, using inspiration and instinct as your guide type girl? No worries – we can help!

Although committing to a skincare regime early on and sticking to it is the best plan, we all know what can happen to the best-laid plans! Maybe you didn’t quite get it together to plan your pre-wedding skincare with the same amount of detail you used to book your Himalayan honeymoon or to design the custom labels on the microbrew you’re going to serve. It’s all good.

A few simple steps will work beautifully for you

Brightening Peel Pads are about to become your new best friend. Use them up to three days a week on freshly cleansed skin, followed with Solar Block. Get similar results to a professional peel right in your own bathroom. In 60 seconds or less. Nice.

Hydrate like it's your job

Your skin needs daily hydration, no matter what. Hyaluronic Concentrate is a great go-to as it works for every skin type, is 100% biocompatible and instantly plumps and hydrates the skin. One or two drops get the job done.

Stronger every day

Your skin is constantly bombarded by pollutants and the skin damaging effects of UVA rays, but nature has a solution. A full range of high potency antioxidants, like those in our VitaRich Serum and Antioxidant Moisturizer, gives your skin the strength it needs to defend itself from environmental aggressors while simultaneously encouraging skin to become healthier, brighter and stronger. Wedding day, here we come.

Your stress level is likely at its highest leading up to your big day. Avoid those wedding bell blues by incorporating a few, simple lifestyle tips:

  1. Although you’re likely running around like mad making plans, try to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Lack of sleep can cause inflammation and dull, dry, lackluster skin.
  2. Milk doesn’t do every body good! If you’re prone to breakouts, try to limit or eliminate dairy which can trigger inflammation and blemishes.
  3.  Although it may be tempting to calm those pre-wedding jitters with a cocktail, avoid the alcohol to avoid the puff. In addition to causing general puffiness (especially under the eyes), alcohol dehydrates your skin and can cause it to look sallow.  
  4. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drink plenty of water (at least 64 ounces per day). We can’t say it enough, especially if you have had a few drinks. Supplementing with essential fatty acids can help cells retain water and keep skin smooth and supple.  
  5. Avoid adding any new skincare products into your routine thirty days prior to your wedding, as you don’t know how they’ll affect your skin.

Walking down the aisle means every eye in the room is trained on you. Healthy, vibrant skin will produce that famous wedding day glow and match the sparkle you feel inside!

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Alexis Mayne

Alexis Mayne

Love what's in our bottles? Alexis is a big part of the team that makes it happen. For more than 10 years, she's been instrumental in formulating and producing the Sanitas Skincare you love. Her areas of expertise include the science of skin, finding active ingredients that get results and connecting with the purest and most responsible ingredient suppliers. She also works closely with our Boulder-based manufacturing team to make sure our products are effective, safe and consistent, each and every time.


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