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In fact, we’re fluent.

Our clean formulas of non-toxic, biogenic actives
listen to your skin, respond to its needs and train your skin
to behave healthier and younger.

The result: progressive skinhealth.

your skin gets it

Your skin craves ingredients that it understands. That’s why all Sanitas products feature ingredients already present in your body. Our non-toxic formulas are pharmaceutical grade and we don’t cut corners: we use clinical dosages to ensure maximum results.

no layer is left untouched

To be effective, your skin care needs to know where to go. Our formulas guide clinical levels of biogenic, skin conversant ingredients to where it needs them the most. Your skin decides which ingredients it needs and how much to use.

we retrain your skin

We make smart skin care. Our products adjust to what your skin is lacking and retrain it to do what it was intended to do naturally: heal and strengthen itself. We make your skin work for you.

the entourage effect

At Sanitas, we use a tribe of actives to address skin health from every possible angle.
We target your skin’s primary concern with an entourage of ingredients that work in concert to magnify the therapeutic benefits.
In fact, some of our products contain up to 39 active ingredients.

The results are limitless.

see a list of our

key ingredients

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